Current Clients

Below is a list of your companies websites. You may use these links to set up an account or to make payments or changes. This is an easy way to make your payment if you forgot to get it in the mail or remembered it cancels at midnight.

What to expect when you have a claim:

When something happens, and you’re going to need to make an insurance claim, there are a few things to know. 

Try to remember as much detail about the incident as you can. Write the details down right after the event, if you can. You’ll have to recount the story later.

When you call the Lampe office, you’ll be given a claim number and the contact information for a claims representative.  They’ll give you a chance to tell your side of the story and take all the information you gathered.

From there, your claims adjustor will handle the specifics of your claim, but your Lampe agent will be there to answer any general questions you might have.

Things that can decrease your policy rate:

At Lampe Insurance, we work hard to get you the best rates possible on your insurance coverage.  There are several things that can decrease your home and auto policy rates once you’re a customer.

Getting married

Adding another car

Buying a home

Bundling policies

Adding a security system

Getting a college degree

Changes (that affect your policy) that you should notify us about:

Change happens. We understand that. But there are some changes you should always tell us about because they can affect your policy rates.


Getting married

Adding a driver

Adding a vehicle

Tickets, accidents or other claim events

New purchases – like homes, big ticket items, etc.


Insurance Provider Information

Customer Service: (877) 878-2468

Claims Department: (800) 252- 4633


Customer Service: (800) 876-5581

Claims Department: (800) 274-4499

Customer Service: (417) 865-1558

Claims Department (417) 725-3811

Customer Service: (800) 442-0593

Claims Department: (800) 442-0593

Customer Service: (877) 884-7466

Claims Department: (877) 884-7466

Customer Service: (800) 777-0404

Claims Department: (800) 777-0404

 Customer Service: (800) 771-8557

Claims Department: (800) 234-5860

Customer Service: (877) 566-6007

Claims Department: (877) 566-6001

Customer Service (800) 527-3905

Claims Department (800) 527-3907


National Lloyds

Customer Service: (800) 749-6419

Claims Department: (800) 749 - 6419